Sandy Gulliver


Height – 5’9”; Weight - 170 lbs.; Eyes – Hazel; Hair – Salt & Pepper

Measurements - 38 - 30 - 36



Mintel                                                      Mother                                  Corn Bred Films

Scottrade                                               Trader                                   Pointview Pictures

Hornitos Tequila                                  Wedding Guest                   Odd Machine

Christian Injury Services                    Minister                                 Christian Injury Services

Intelliglobe                                            Older woman                       Hour Glass Films

Neil Good (Attorney)                           SS Disability recipient        Sliwinski Productions

LG Electronics (spec)                        Teacher                                 Crapbot Productions

Fantasy Costumes                             Alice (Brady Bunch)             Bailout Pictures



Speaking and/or featured parts:

That Psycho Wisconsin Girl             Sandy                                   Justin Todd

Meredith and the Magic Wand         Shirley                                   Bold Vision Productions

Sadistic                                                 Victim's sister                      InDept Productions

Released                                              Sarah                                    Anno Domini Productions

Eat me                                                   Beatrice                                 Lone Lantern Entertainment

Broken & Beautiful                              Blair                                        D.A.S.H. Entertainment, LLC

Cyber Bully                                           News Reporter                     Moopy Vision Studios

Homework                                           Mrs. Barnes                           Rich Reiter

Divorced Dudes                                  Court Clerk                            Bill Stoneking

Normal                                                  Nosy Neighbor                     Rue-42

The Only Picture of Us                       Nicole's Mother                    Vince McAley

Shakey (in 3D)                                     Condo Board Member        Amorak Productions, USA

What about the Children                   Judge Watson                       jkbu Productions, Inc.

Shine Baby Shine                               Nancy - Foster Mother         Chris Emmons (SAIC)

Qwerty                                                   Nancy – Scrabble Club       Nat Dykeman – Lake Country Film Festival

The Old Man and his Dog                 Deceased Wife                      Water Cooler Productions

Flüffenhaus                                          Bada Bingo Babe                  Kathryn Henderson



Colin Caulfied music video              Older  Woman                      Colin Caulfield

'All I Need'' music video                     Older Woman                       Empty Pockets Productions

The Announcement II                        Concert fan                           Callie Lipkin Photography

Destruction of Creation                     ‘The Old One’                       David Sherry (Flashpoint Academy)



Harder Than You Think                   Grandma                     

Time Out Chicago: Kids                  Lunch Lady                           in-house marketing

VNA Hospital, Aurora                         Patient                                  In-house marketing

Plum Grove Asst Living                     Resident                              David Giambrone Advertising

Ballard Healthcare                             Rehab Patient                     Midwest Medical



Apprise                                                  Clerical worker                     Barrington Media, Los Angeles

Second City Ethics Videos                Car Rental Clerk                  Second City Communications

IGA (Independent Grocers)               Grandmother                        7 Wave Communications

Highland Park Hospital                      Post-cancer patient             7 Wave Communications


Voice Over:

Connecting Women 2009                 Irate neighbor                       Justin Jackola (Flashpoint Academy)


Education & Training:

The Green Room  (1-3)                     David Murphy, Sean Bradley, Matt Amador, Josh Breit, & Steven Ivcich

Basics & On-Camera                        Ted Sarantos                        Sarantos Studios

David O’Connor Seminar                  David O'Connor                   O’Connor Casting                              

On Camera                                          Doug McDade                      Acting Studio Chicago

Auditions & Commercials                 Matt Miller                              formerly of P&R Casting.


Special Skills

Cry on command, Green Screen, Ballroom & Tap Dancing, Soprano in Lake Country Choir. I have a current passport.



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